Caltex SavePlus
Terms and Conditions
  1. THE SAVEPLUS CARD: The SavePlus Card enables the Cardholder to purchase Products from any Authorized Retailer and to avail of the preferential rate/discount based on agreement with CARDHOLDER GROUP. CHEVRON, shall not, however, in any way be bound to ensure the availability or provision of the Products or be liable in the event of such non-availability or non-provision thereof.

    The SavePlus Card issued by CHEVRON is the sole property of CHEVRON. It is not transferable and will be honored by CHEVRON Authorized Retailers only when properly presented by the authorized CARDHOLDER in good standing. The CARDHOLDER is in good standing if his privilege to use the SavePlus Card is not suspended or terminated and has not expired.

    Issuance of additional SavePlus Cards other than those previously issued shall require a request from CARDHOLDER GROUP to CHEVRON and issuance thereof shall be subject to sole discretion of CHEVRON.

  2. EXPIRY AND RENEWAL OF THE CARD: Unless earlier terminated, voluntarily cancelled, or returned by the COMPANY, the SavePlus Cards shall be valid for three years after the first transaction. Renewal of cards will be a case-to-case basis, depending on the agreement between CHEVRON and the COMPANY that provided the card to the CARDHOLDER.

  3. TERM OF AGREEMENT AND RENEWAL: All SavePlus Cards shall be deemed cancelled effective upon termination or expiration of the agreement between CARDHOLDER GROUP and CHEVRON.

    The CARDHOLDER agrees to hold CHEVRON free and harmless from any claim for damages arising from such termination unless CHEVRON is the one which violates said Agreement.

  4. DISCOUNT: CHEVRON agrees to grant the CARDHOLDER a fixed Peso per liter discount at Point of Sale based on agreement with CARDHOLDER GROUP. Discount is subject to review by CHEVRON and any changes will be communicated to the COMPANY before application.

    The discount given above is subject to all the following terms and conditions:

    • Discount is valid for a maximum daily and monthly limit based on agreement with CARDHOLDER GROUP
    • Transactions cannot be paid with StarCard, StarCash and local PO;
    • Card cannot be used in conjunction with other discounting scheme and cannot earn loyalty points
    • Discount is valid at all card-accepting Caltex stations. Except at the Caltex stations located in all branches of Landers Superstore;

  5. COMPANY LIABILITY: Neither the CARDHOLDER GROUP nor CHEVRON shall be liable to the CARDHOLDER for the use of the SavePlus Card, in the absence of breach of their respective obligations to the CARDHOLDER.

  6. AUTHORIZED RETAILERS: CHEVRON has contracted with its Authorized Retailers to honor the SavePlus Card for purchase of CHEVRON Products. CHEVRON shall not be responsible to the CARDHOLDER, if for any reason, the SavePlus Card is not honored. In the event that the SavePlus Card is not honored by Chevron’s Authorized Retailers due to circumstances beyond the control of CHEVRON, CARDHOLDER may contact the Customer Service, Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM to assist the CARDHOLDER to resolve issues arising from the use of the SavePlus Card.

    The CARDHOLDER further agrees to not make a claim against Chevron if SavePlus Card is not honored due to circumstances beyond the control of Chevron.

    Authorized Retailer shall check the physical features and condition of the SavePlus Card to determine its authenticity according to its format, and its validity and acceptability by checking the card number and the Logo which appear on the card.

  7. SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF CARD PRIVILEGES: CHEVRON reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate the use of the SavePlus Card or withdraw the privileges of the CARDHOLDER for any cause with prior notice to the COMPANY.

    In the event of the withdrawal of the privilege to use the SavePlus Card for whatever reason, including but not limited to the expiration of the SavePlus Card, suspension or termination of the privileges of the CARDHOLDER, or the CARDHOLDER’s failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, his death (however evidenced), illiquidity of the COMPANY:

    1. The SavePlus Card(s) shall automatically be blocked, and all privileges granted to the CARDHOLDER suspended or terminated.
    2. The CARDHOLDER and CARDHOLDER GROUP agree to indemnify and hold CHEVRON free and harmless from any claims or actions for damages arising from such suspension, cancellation, termination, withdrawal or confiscation of the SavePlus Card and its privileges or this Agreement.

    Continued use of the SavePlus Card despite such suspension, cancellation or termination shall be considered fraudulent.

    The CARDHOLDER GROUP shall take all reasonable actions necessary to retrieve the SavePlus Cards which have been cancelled. Such SavePlus Cards shall be returned to CALTEX destroyed or cut in half.

  8. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In the event of any controversy or action arising from this Agreement or any incident thereto which the CARDHOLDER / CARDHOLDER GROUP may file against CHEVRON, the liability of CHEVRON shall not exceed the damages actually proved to have been suffered by the CARDHOLDER / CARDHOLDER GROUP.